Do I need a referral to see you?

No, you don’t need a referral to see us! You can make an appointment directly with us online or call us on 6361 1205. When you call us, we may ask you a few questions to see how we can help you better. 

Do you treat other parts of the lower limbs?

Yes, absolutely! As podiatrists, we treat foot pain, ankle pain, shin splints, knee pain and hip pain day-in-day-out. We also see children and adolescents with growing pains.

Do you treat acute ankle sprains?

Definitely! Acute ankles sprains are best to be treated promptly to reduce pain and maintain movement. A series of treatment is often required to ensure your ankle return to its best state again. 

How do I know whether I need orthotics?

After a thorough biomechanical assessment and video gait analysis, your podiatrist will be able to advise you on whether you can benefit from wearing orthotics. You will also be given some advice on footwear to ensure your feet are well supported.

Can I claim my private health fund with you?

Yes, you can. Simply bring your private health card along with you to the appointment, and we can claim your health fund on the spot for you. Please note that we do need the actual card to make the claim because we need to swipe the card on the HICAPS machine. 

Are growing pains normal?

No, absolutely not! Just because they are called “growing pains” doesn’t make them normal. Unfortunately, there is a widespread misconception that growing pains can’t be treated and that children will eventually grow out of them. Growing pains can in fact be treated, allowing children to run freely again!