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Mustard Seed Podiatry was founded in March 2016 by Sam and Lydia (who are husband and wife!). They have been working as a local Perth podiatrist since graduated from University of Western Australia a number of years ago.

“Though it (a mustard seed) is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree.” 

At Mustard Seed Podiatry, we believe that although our potential can seem small and insignificant like a mustard seed, given the right conditions, every one can grow to achieve greatness. That’s the story of Mustard Seed.

And, yes, they came up with such strange name!

The Mustard Seed team strives to continue to be the best Perth podiatrist, providing quality foot care for individuals close and far. The team has a great reach in Bayswater and the neighbouring communities across Perth, including Maylands, Morley, Bassendean, Embleton, Ascot, Belmont, and Kalamunda. 

Since the beginning of this journey, Sam and Lydia have always been genuine in their delivery of care, putting their patients’ best interests at the core of everything they do.

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Our difference

Creating a remarkable experience for you is part of our DNA. Our goal is to to go hand-in-hand with you to help you achieve optimal foot and lower limb health, so that you can focus on doing what you do best. 

Our approach to patient care focuses on Education to help you understand what’s going on with your feet. We do this because we want you to make informed decisions on your own health and take ownership of your journey. While we are here to help and do this journey with you, your Engagement plays a huge part in your recovery too. 

Time and time again, we have helped many of our clients with longstanding pain to be once again pain-free! Seeing our clients regain the freedom of movement is what keeps us doing what we do. And, we believe we can help you too! 

In 2018, we were named Enterprise of the Year – a great achievement that a two-man team like us would find difficult to comprehend! In the same year, we were nominated as a Finalist Health & Wellbeing Business of the Year at the prestigious national Optus MyBusiness Awards for the second time. In 2017, we won TWO Best Customer Service Awards at both the Malaga Business Association Awards and the Stirling Business Association Awards.  

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