laser therapy

A safe, non-invasive treatment for virtually all lower limb musculoskeletal conditions, promoting healing and drug-free pain relief.

what is

THOR is a photobiomodulation therapy (PBM) using LED light and cold laser. It uses specific wavelengths that are easily absorbable by body cells  to promote healing and provide pain relief.

THOR laser therapy Achilles tendon

how does
thor work?

If you look into our body cells, you will find that they all contain energy-generating cells called mitochondria. Energy is then stored in units called ATP. Essentially, mitochondria are the powerhouse of our cells.

As we age, mitochondria in our cells produce less ATP. Because of that, our cells have less energy to run on, which in turn slows down our natural healing ability. That is why babies heal very fast as their cells are full of energy, literally!

THOR releases light in wavelengths that are easily absorbable by our cells. Once our cells absorb the light, mitochondria start to produce more ATP. More ATP = more energy for cells to do things. A cascade of events then take place in our cells to improve tissue repair and reduce inflammation.

THOR laser therapy heel

what does
THOR do?

By using LED light and cold laser, THOR can:

– Improve tissue repair, including skin wounds, muscle injury, tendon tear, bone fracture and nerves;

– Reduce inflammation;

– Provide pain relief

when is
THOR used?

Not to exaggerate, but close to all musculoskeletal conditions of the lower limb can be treated with THOR. 

– Plantar fasciitis and plantar fascia tears

– Bunion pain

– Achilles tendinopathy and tear

– Acute ankle sprain, sprained/torn ligaments

– Stress fracture

– Shin splints

– Numbness in foot

– Trigger points, tight muslces

– Knee pain, including osteoarthritis

– Post-training recovery

THOR laser therapy knee

What to expect with

You can be rest-assured that THOR treatment is completely pain-free and heat-free! There is also no downtime following treatment. However, you will need to wear a pair of safety glasses (provided by us) during treatment to protect your eyes. 

In order to achieve optimal therapeutic results, a course of treatment is essential. Your podiatrist will prescribe a treatment protocol based on your condition and severity.

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