Our Guide to Choosing Summer Sandals

Our Guide to Choosing Summer Sandals

Everyone loves the feeling of the summer breeze brushing through their feet. ? Plus, what’s summer if you aren’t in a pair of sandals?! Now, when it comes to summer sandals, we are spoiled for choice, so what makes one pair better than another? ? Here is our quick guide to choosing a good pair of summer sandals. ?

☀️ Thick, cushioning soles for shock absorption 

A lot of fashion sandals, especially women’s, share a common feature – a paper-thin sole. They may look trendy, but they are far from being good for your feet (yikes!). We walk on hard surfaces more often than not, and a thin sole means that there isn’t enough cushioning nor shock absorption for your feet. A lack of shock absorption can lead to heel pain and shin splints. So, look for a thick, slightly elevated sole for both shock absorption and better comfort. 

☀️ Foot bed/built-in arch support for better support and comfort 

Sandals are inherently less supportive than shoes. Because of that, having a foot bed or built in arch support is more important in sandals to ensure that your feet won’t overwork and become sore. 

☀️ SUEDE / GENUINE LEATHER / CORK inner lining for breathability 

You may think that you are already wearing sandals; your feet should be able to ventilate well, then why do you still need the sandals to be breathable? While that is true, your feet will still sweat. If the lining of the sandals can’t wick away the moisture effectively, your feet will end up being very sweaty and hot. This will make your sandals slippery, and you can get blisters as a result. You may even get tinea (fungal infection of the skin) from this! A lot of sandals are lined with PU, which is a plastic that LOOKS like leather, but PU is nowhere near as breathable as genuine leather. Suede and cork (often used in Birkenstock) can help keep the feet dry as well. So, remember, you get what you pay for!

☀️ Straps for a secured fit 

As mentioned before, sandals are just inherently less supportive than shoes. To make sure they stay on your feet well, straps are the way to go. Your feet and legs will thank you in the long run!

So, that’s our simple, quick guide to choosing that perfect pair, or two, of summer sandals. We hope you find the perfect pair this summer, and enjoy the summer fun while taking good care of your feet! ??