Swift Microwave Therapy -
Effective Plantar Wart Removal

What is Swift Microwave Therapy?

Swift Microwave is a microwave treatment for wart using medical microwave technology to effectively remove plantar warts (also known as verruca).

A focused microwave signal is emitted into the skin to a predetermined depth. The microwave signal heats up infected cells to 42-45 degrees celsius. As a result, the skin cells go into Heat Shock.

Heat shock causes the plantar wart to release certain proteins into the circulatory system. The immune system then recognises the infection and begins to fight the virus. As of now, Swift microwave treatment for wart is the most advance treatment for plantar wart. 

Swift Microwave Therapy Wart Treatment
Plantar warts before and after Swift Microwave Therapy

What are warts?

Warts (plantar wart, verruca) are a common contagious infection in the outer layers of the skin caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). 

Moreover, warts can spread to other areas of our body and from person to person. Warts are also generally very difficult to get rid of, as they are excellent at evading the body’s immune system. 

Swift Microwave Therapy has been proven to be an effective wart removal by triggering an immune response from the body. 

How many treatments will I need?

Most warts resolve within 3 treatments of Swift Microwave treatment. Some may require more or less depending on how you respond to the treatment. Standard protocol is 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart with a 12-week follow up. Following the protocol yields a success rate of 83%*. 

In comparison to other traditional wart removal treatments, Swift Microwave offers a much shorter treatment time frame and more predictable results. Microwave wart treatment for wart is particularly ideal for plantar wart that has failed to respond to other treatments previously.  

Healthy feet by the pool
SWIFT Microwave with 83% success rate

*Based on data collected and analysed from post market surveillance July 2017 of trained SWIFT users.

Say Bye to Plantar Warts!

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How Swift Microwave Works as Wart Removal

Infected skin cells with wart

Plantar wart tissue can exist several millimetres below the surface. Because of this, they can often be difficult to treat using traditional methods, resulting in either untreated tissue or significant damage. 

Swift Microwave Therapy Wart Treatment

Swift Microwave delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose. As microwaves travel into the skin tissue, water molecules in the skin begin colliding with each other to create heat. The temperature of these skin cells increases to 42-45 degrees celsius.

Healthy skin without wart

In just seconds the treatment is complete, leaving the body to absorb and replace the treated tissue. No dressing, no pain post-treatment. That’s the beauty of microwave treatment for wart. 

So long, plantar wart!

Swift Microwave Wart Removal

Before & after

asked Questions


Is The Treatment Painful?

The rapid heating of the wart to 42-45C can cause discomfort. However, this lasts for only a second. This temperature range is merely a few degrees warmer than a hot bath, and will not cause any serious tissue damage or scarring.


How Safe Are Microwaves?

Microwaves are a form of non-ionising radiation, which means that they cannot cause damage to the DNA of living things. Swift Microwave uses very low energy levels that are only able to vibrate water molecules within skin cells. Microwave treatment for wart is a safe, effective wart removal option.


Will There Be Any Down Time After Treatment?

No, not at all. You can return to your normal activity right away.


How Does Swift Compare To Other Traditional Treatments?

Traditional treatments, including cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), acids (salicylic acid), and silver nitrate (caustic agent) work by relying on debridement of the wart. Since plantar warts can be several millimetres deep within the skin, it is often impossible to take all infected tissues out (due to pain and bleeding). As a result, the treatment course is usually very lengthy, requiring fortnightly treatments over a period of time.

From our experience, most plantar warts (especially older warts) will need at least 8-10 treatments if not more with traditional treatments. Verruca are challenging to treat by nature. It is often very difficult for us to say how many treatments someone may need with the traditional treatments.

In comparison, most warts resolve within 3 sessions (4 weeks apart) of Swift Microwave Therapy. Variations do exist depending on individuals. Overall, microwave treatment for wart offers a more superior approach to other wart removal treatments with a shorter treatment course and more predictable results.


Do I Need A Referral To See You?

No, you don't need a referral to see us. If you think Swift microwave treatment for wart may be the right treatment for you, book an appointment to have a chat with our podiatrist. Treatment can take place at the initial consultation as well if you do decide to go ahead with it.

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