Motivation Monday: how to start off your week right

Motivation Monday: how to start off your week right

We all know what it’s like on the first work day of the week – the dreaded morning alarm, the disbelief that the weekend was over, the much-needed cup of coffee, and the reluctance to force yourself out of the door…If you have ever experienced any of the aforementioned symptoms, you have contracted, what most people call, Monday Blues.


But, does Monday ALWAYS need to be so horrible like that? Simply put, the answer is NO, given that you are willing to change! We put together 5 things to help you start off your week right, and we believe a good Monday is just around the corner!



  1. Rest up on Sunday night

Lack of sleep is the number one thing that makes us dread Monday more than anything. Our bodies are weak physically and mentally when tired, leaving us feeling overwhelmed by what the new week would bring. Avoid activities that are too stimulating on Sunday evening. Do something that helps to relax your mind and body. Give yourself a bed time and stick to it. You will find the alarm next morning less irritating.


  1. Prioritise exercise and be consistent

Exercising stimulates endorphin production, a hormone we all need to boost our mood, especially on a Monday. Try to work out either on Sunday or Monday morning, so you have the endorphin dose that you need for the B-day. Aim to exercise 3 times a week to keep the endorphin going. You will find yourself happier and less stressed!


  1. Stay hydrated

This is particularly important if you’re someone that needs caffeine to make you YOU in the morning. Coffee and tea alike are dehydrating. Our brains require water for optimal function, so it’s no surprise that dehydration slows down thought process and increases your risk of getting a post-meeting headache, which is the last thing you need on a Monday! Have a bottle of water on your desk and drink regularly. If you drink only when you feel thirsty, it’s already too late.


  1. Make a to-do list

Spend 15 minutes in the morning to plan out the week. List all the work projects and household duties required of you this week. Then, write down the top three things you want to achieve on Monday. Make sure at least one of the items in the list will give you tangible results. This way, you will feel more accomplished and motivated! If you can have this “confidence booster” every Monday, sooner or later you will find that Mondays can be quite pleasant after all!


  1. Don’t make social media the first thing you do in the morning (or at all)

Last, but not least, this tip is the one I feel the most strongly about! Many of us have developed a habit of scrolling through Facebook and Instagram first thing in the morning while waiting for our coffee order, eating breakfast, or in the commute to work. By infiltrating your brain with non-inspiring content, which happens to be the case with most Facebook feeds, you are setting yourself up for an unproductive day. Worse, you can’t make yourself stop scrolling and keep feeding your brain what it doesn’t need.


Recently, I went on a social media fast where I wouldn’t touch my own Facebook or Instagram account at all, except for the one for work when I had to. I allowed myself a 5-minute scroll only in the evening when all work was done. The result? I felt like I freed up so much more brain space when I wasn’t feeding my brain information all the time. I became a lot more productive, creative, and stress-free! We have everything within our power to shape our brains, but going on social media regularly means you are giving permission to the outside world to shape your brain instead. Moderation is key. Be wise about how long, how often and when to use social media.


If you find it very hard to break away from this habit, let me encourage you to pick up a book and start reading instead! I promise you will feel a lot more fulfilled and inspired by the end of it than scrolling through the never-ending feeds on Facebook.


Happy Monday! 

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