We’ve done it again!

We’ve done it again!

It’s that time of the year again when we scratch our heads, pull our hair out and bite on the end of a pen to conquer business award entries one after another (believe us, it is a long process that requires many, many brain cells and coffees).

Time and time again, we ask ourselves what business success is to us. Is it about money? Is it about fame? (No, you can’t really become real famous as a podiatrist unfortunately.) Is it about winning business awards? While all those things are beneficial, they are not essential.They are not the things that keeps up doing what we do, so they certainly don’t define business success to us.

Ever since we started Mustard Seed, it has always been our heart to make genuine connections with people and change lives. We think being a local business definitely helps us to do that! It’s always nice to see people coming from around the neighbourhoods, and some of you (you know who you are) come so far just to see us (we are always so pleasantly surprised by that!). What makes it truly special for us to be a business is much more beyond the monetary transaction – it’s the conversations, trust and relationships that we build with our clients (i.e. you!). Nothing makes our work more meaningful than seeing you make progress and feel great.

And, none of these could have happened without you! So, thank you for choosing us and trusting us. We are beyond grateful for the continuous support you have shown us.

Sam & Lydia

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