Enterprise of the Year ? ! Really?!

Enterprise of the Year ? ! Really?!

Sometimes life throws you lemons, and sometimes it throws you pleasant surprises. Never would we have thought, a two-men team like us, could take out Enterprise of the Year! Like, really? But, we did! We definitely got pleasantly surprised!

When we were preparing the award entry, we were never aiming for that. Why? Because it sounds big, and, it’s pretty big. So, when I (Lydia) sent out Sam to attend the gala event on Wednesday night, I really wasn’t expecting much other than him collecting our finalist trophy.

Long story short, the night ended with no text messages saying we won something. I just assumed that’s it, and really, I was content enough with the finalist certificate. It wasn’t until we reached home that he revealed to me we actually won – we won Enterprise of the Year!

Needless to say I wasn’t quite able to comprehend whether it was one of Sam’s tricks or the real deal. After examining the award itself, I realised it was the real deal.

What made us win? What about our entry that stood out? The questions lingered in my head, and the curiosity was starting to itch me!

Anyway, we are beyond stoked to be named Enterprise of the Year. It’s hard to imagine a two-men team taking out a big title like this. All we can say is we are probably on the right track?!

Time and time again, running a business is like sitting on a roller coaster ride, and it’s because of all of our lovely clients (you) that we choose to hold on tight and not fall out of the ride.

And, moral of the story?
Always be optimistic. Always try. You have to be in it to win it.

To cement that, let me finish off with a story.
One day, a guy who isn’t particularly attractive physically, asks a lady, “do you think I’ll have a chance to go on a date with you?”
To which, she replies , “one in a million chance.”
Hearing her response, his eyes lights up and says, “you mean, I have A chance?”


Because taking a selfie on the stage is a must!

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