B Corporation – why are we doing this?

B Corporation – why are we doing this?

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Instagram, you would have seen us talking about B Corporation (B Corp in short). The term may sound foreign to you. So, what is it, and why are we doing this?

What is B Corporation?

For a start, B Corp is a term that identifies businesses which have attained a certification after a stringent process of evaluation in ALL areas of their businesses. This includes their impact on their customers, suppliers, staff, as well as the environment. On top of that, businesses will need to pass a test on the transparency and accountability of all their company decisions and policies.

Think fair trade coffee. When you see the logo of certification, you know that the coffee beans have been sourced ethically, that the farmers are paid the rates they deserve, and the process is sustainable to the environment. B Corp is similar, but more.

The reason I say that is because a cafe can be using certified coffee beans, but it can be underpaying their staff, treating their suppliers unfairly, etc. However, if a cafe is a Certified B Corp, any of those things will not happen. In fact, quite the opposite will happen, the cafe will make sure they give each and every employee equal significance, pay them fairly and timely, and source supplies locally to support the local economy.

B Corporation logo

So, when you see the B Corp logo, you know that that company uses business as a force for good, and not the other way around.

Why did we become a B Corp?

Spiderman once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” We aren’t exactly a huge fan of Spiderman, but we are a great believer of the quote. You see, power is an interesting thing – it can build, it can destroy; it can create, it can also ruin. How power manifests all depends on how it is used by the hands who controls it.

Spiderman great power quote
Have you heard of this quote before?

We believe that being in a small business, we have the power to change the community around us and drive positive changes. All it takes is our desire and commitment to use our business as a force for good.

With the rise of social responsibility awareness, only more and more businesses will choose to become part of the B Corporation community.

Final thoughts

Often, it is easy to dismiss ourselves by focusing on our insignificance, but we believe all great things start small. It’s about making a small change here and there, so collectively, we can generate an impact. For this reason, we are so excited to be part of the B Corp global community because, as cliché as it sounds, together we can achieve more!

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